Now it is time for tutorials! Now when a lot of stuff for Rocket was made we finally get time for tutorials.
I plane create a lot of tutors in this and in next months, this will be my aim number 1 for now!

All tutorials you can find on Rocket 3F YouTube page, just click "Tutorials" in the site menu and you will be redirected to R3F YouTube page!
Or just follow this link: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLa8ZmPnRO5hbKmh3kji6nsb-7YQxPAXfj

We have 4 PlayLists here Getting Started, Tips and Tricks, Tools and Making Off. Check them!
Today was made a lot of videos, a lot more will be made in next days, keep checking!

Tutorials Section was removed from our Forum now all tutors are on YouTube, if you have any questions just comment videos and you will get answer!


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