Rocket 3F version 1.0 is here!

Hello everybody!!!

We have awesome news, Rocket 1.0 was just released!!!


Updates (Check Tool Tips for more info):

- Isolate System was rebuilt now, now it has special button for isolating polygons

- Hide system was rebuild now you can Hide or Unhide only objects, to hide Polygons we have new button. Also button system was rebuilt.

- Hard edges/Organic system was rebuilt now we have only button - Hard Edge.

- Statistics button have right click to show/hide Statistics in viewport, use it when you have Panels Docked!

- Instances select tool was improved

- SubD button system was rebuilded


Bugs fixed in these tools:

- Shell 

- Isolate 

- Cut Loop in vertex mode 

- Hierarchy Select

- Navigate Button

- MoI Bridge

- Spline (A lot of bugs)

- And lot of other small bugs.


And we have some little surprise for our dedicated Beta-Testers!

Marco, Pilou and Theinonen was granted Individual Lifetime licenses for version 1.0!!! 

Thanks guys for your help it is our gift for you!


To buy Rocket 3F visit home page!

Do not forget to change your license type in Control Center when you buy your Rocket 3F!


Happy Modelling!

Rocket 3F!



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