Hay guys!

We have here very big update! Finally we have installer and we do not need anymore to install SlimDX, it was long way to implement it, but we did it!


- Rocket now has its own Installer.

- Now, no need to install SlimDX anymore, you can uninstall it.

- MoI to Rocket Bridge scripts was updated check it here.

- Now Rocket remember last SubDiv level for each object.

- If you try to Subdivide object and it will have more than 800000 Polygons you will see warning Message.

- Different selection colors was changed for better view.



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- Permanent Preview you can enable it by Preview Button with Right Click or with hotkey Ctrl+Space. So you 


- Workplane now is Locked, it means it will not rotate when you navigate viewport. Previous projects may still have this rotating viewport just reset it to fix it.

- Revers Subd Tool was added, check it in Polygons Tools - SubD with Right Click.

- SubD Button was rebuild.

- Hide Button was rebuild.

- Hide and Isolate polygons now are in the Polygons Tools.

- Some Tool-Tips was fixed.



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Hay guys, I am so sorry yesterday 1.2.2 update was broken, it has no settings files.

I just notice it, thanks to users posts on forum, and solve it immediately. It has all updates and bug fixed of version 1.2.2 plus added some more updates.



- Modify tool was modified, now it is very simple and intuitive!

  Use it to Bend objects, create tires, wheels, and many more...


Selected splines now appeared wider, so you will see them better:


- We have new folder "Rocket 3F Update Info [BackUp]", it contains settings files, so if you want to restart Rocket just copy it than rename to "Rocket 3F Update Info" (just delete " [BackUp]" )



Fixed Bugs:

- Inset, Caps lock functionality

- Hotkey for Shell in Object Mode

- Undo selection hotkey

- Vertexes size



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Updates. (Read Buttons Tool Tips for more Info)
- Pattern Selection tool was introduced! Very powerfull tool, I am sure you did not meet something like this! 
- Range Selection tool was added check the same video as Pattern Selection.
- "Unsaved" label was added to the Rocket windows title, it indicates that project was not saved.
- Bridge and Cap tools hotkeys was changed. Bridge - U, Cap -I.
- Retopo system was rebuild. Added 2 Buttons, Enable/Disable Retopo and Add to Refference List
- Split tool was added to Edge Mode, it will split Meshes using edges.
Open, New, Import tools now do not ask you if you want to save saved or empty scene.
Shell tool was also added to polygon mode.
- Button Colors was added to the left panel for better identification.
- We continue to add video help to buttons (Ctrl+Click BUtton)
- Inset bug
- Weld vertexes at the same position tool was optimized, mow it only 1 undo step (T+RMB)
- A lot of other small bugs.
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- Multi-Bridge tool was introduced, it is one of the most powerful tool of Rocket 3f! Check tool-tip.

- Cap tool was added, also very powerful one, check tool-tips for more info

- Now when you use Mirror tool to create mirrored Instances it ask you if you want to keep Hierarchy of Selected objects! Mirroring never was so powerful!

- Star Tool was modified now we have Lock Option and Quad option, it allows as to create Perfect Circles and not only with Triangles but also with Quads too!

- Weld tool was improved now when tool is active and you press Middle Mouse Button it will weld all vertexes that lay at the same position.

- Merge dialogs was introduced, now if you Drag and Drop file into Rocket it will ask you would you like to Merge it or Start new Scene. The same thing is work also with Merge tool.

- New Scene and Import tools now ask you if you wish to save Current Scene before starts new or Import.


 Bugs fixed:

- Undo double time bug was fixed, speed increased

- Extrude/Parent simultaneous tool run

- Unpreparent button hotkey was fixed and set to (B)

- Retopo mode now is always on

- Selecting Instances, now you can select them freely when something is behind them

- A lot of tool tips




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- Random Selection tool was added, check it in General Selection Section. This tool will perform random selection, it works with Objects and SubObjects.

- Now if you set Cylinder Caps to 0 it will create Cylinder without Caps.

- Now you can not run Rocket 3F without Settings files, you will see warning message.

- Other bugs was fixed.



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- Spline Primitives. Now you can create Spline Circles or Rectangles. Right Mouse Click Spline Button or Alt+0 to activate this tool. Read Tool tips for more details.


- Extrude Spline tool, was improved, now it works this way: 

Left Mouse Drag - Extrude 2D

Right Mouse Drag - Extrude 1D


Scroll Mouse Wheel or hit Number Key while Dragging to change segments number.

Keep Space pressed and Scroll mouse wheel to perform Refinement (add edges along spline).


Also when you performed Extrude Rocket goes to Edge mode, selects top most edge and Enable Selection tool, so you can immediately continue to shape object.


- Spline Tool, was improved:

Keep Shift pressed to create 90/45 degree Splines.

Keep Ctrl pressed to perform angle stepping with 5 degree.


- Lathe tool was simplified.

- Object Spline Transparency. Now when you create objects from splines, they are not so transparent as they was, so it is easier to see how object looks like.

- Right Mouse click. When Selection Tool is active it clear selection, when any other tool is active it drops it.

- Check Marks. Now buttons that has Right or Middle mouse click actions have grey check marks in the upper corners.




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