Beta 1.01

Rocket 3F Beta 1.01


- Fixed Bug with Set Manual Pivot tool, now it keep Pivot Orientation - Manual, Position Manual after you turn this tool off.


For better compatibility with 3Ds Max, Maya, Modo  etc... Shortcuts of Scale and Rotate was swapped.
Scale was set to - R
Rotate was set to - E

Autosmooth was added to Boolean tools. Now after you perform Boolean Rocket will perform Autosmooth automatically.

Set new Shortcuts for:
Set Pivot Orientation - World, Position Selection ( F3 )
Set Pivot Orientation - Object, Position Selection ( F4 )
Set Pivot Orientation - Selection, Position Selection ( F5 )
Set Pivot Orientation - World, Position World ( F6 )

Set new Shortcuts for:
Subset of Hidden Objects/Polygons ( Alt+E )
Subset of Locked Objects ( Alt+R )

Local tool shortcut in Tool Tip was fixed to V.

Clipboard Hotkeys was enabled - Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V

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