Beta 1.3.3

- User UI Layout and a lot off user settings will stay untouched after updates! (Let us know if it works ok)

- Merge Objects, if at least one of selected object is subdivided, after Merging all objects will set to the lowest SubD level of selected objects.

- Old Spline tools was back to Spline Vertex Mode. That tools are not optimized yet.

- New Hotkeys:
Toggle Subdevision - TAB (Now has to work on all keybords!)
Preview - Q
Silhouette - Shift+Q
Cap - U
Snap - Y
Normal Move - V
Weld - T

- New hotkeys was set to Quick Pivot position/Orientation tools:
Set Pivot Orientation - World, Position Selection ( F3 )
Set Pivot Orientation - Object, Position Selection ( F4 )
Set Pivot Orientation/Position to Selection ( F5)

Set Pivot Orientation/Position to Object ( Double Click F1 )
Set Pivot Orientation/Position to Manual (Double Click F2 )



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