Beta 1.4

- Spline Primitives. Now you can create Spline Circles or Rectangles. Right Mouse Click Spline Button or Alt+0 to activate this tool. Read Tool tips for more details.


- Extrude Spline tool, was improved, now it works this way: 

Left Mouse Drag - Extrude 2D

Right Mouse Drag - Extrude 1D


Scroll Mouse Wheel or hit Number Key while Dragging to change segments number.

Keep Space pressed and Scroll mouse wheel to perform Refinement (add edges along spline).


Also when you performed Extrude Rocket goes to Edge mode, selects top most edge and Enable Selection tool, so you can immediately continue to shape object.


- Spline Tool, was improved:

Keep Shift pressed to create 90/45 degree Splines.

Keep Ctrl pressed to perform angle stepping with 5 degree.


- Lathe tool was simplified.

- Object Spline Transparency. Now when you create objects from splines, they are not so transparent as they was, so it is easier to see how object looks like.

- Right Mouse click. When Selection Tool is active it clear selection, when any other tool is active it drops it.

- Check Marks. Now buttons that has Right or Middle mouse click actions have grey check marks in the upper corners.




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