Version 1.1


- Multi-Bridge tool was introduced, it is one of the most powerful tool of Rocket 3f! Check tool-tip.

- Cap tool was added, also very powerful one, check tool-tips for more info

- Now when you use Mirror tool to create mirrored Instances it ask you if you want to keep Hierarchy of Selected objects! Mirroring never was so powerful!

- Star Tool was modified now we have Lock Option and Quad option, it allows as to create Perfect Circles and not only with Triangles but also with Quads too!

- Weld tool was improved now when tool is active and you press Middle Mouse Button it will weld all vertexes that lay at the same position.

- Merge dialogs was introduced, now if you Drag and Drop file into Rocket it will ask you would you like to Merge it or Start new Scene. The same thing is work also with Merge tool.

- New Scene and Import tools now ask you if you wish to save Current Scene before starts new or Import.


 Bugs fixed:

- Undo double time bug was fixed, speed increased

- Extrude/Parent simultaneous tool run

- Unpreparent button hotkey was fixed and set to (B)

- Retopo mode now is always on

- Selecting Instances, now you can select them freely when something is behind them

- A lot of tool tips




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