Version 1.2

Updates. (Read Buttons Tool Tips for more Info)
- Pattern Selection tool was introduced! Very powerfull tool, I am sure you did not meet something like this! 
- Range Selection tool was added check the same video as Pattern Selection.
- "Unsaved" label was added to the Rocket windows title, it indicates that project was not saved.
- Bridge and Cap tools hotkeys was changed. Bridge - U, Cap -I.
- Retopo system was rebuild. Added 2 Buttons, Enable/Disable Retopo and Add to Refference List
- Split tool was added to Edge Mode, it will split Meshes using edges.
Open, New, Import tools now do not ask you if you want to save saved or empty scene.
Shell tool was also added to polygon mode.
- Button Colors was added to the left panel for better identification.
- We continue to add video help to buttons (Ctrl+Click BUtton)
- Inset bug
- Weld vertexes at the same position tool was optimized, mow it only 1 undo step (T+RMB)
- A lot of other small bugs.
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