Version 1.2.3

Hay guys, I am so sorry yesterday 1.2.2 update was broken, it has no settings files.

I just notice it, thanks to users posts on forum, and solve it immediately. It has all updates and bug fixed of version 1.2.2 plus added some more updates.



- Modify tool was modified, now it is very simple and intuitive!

  Use it to Bend objects, create tires, wheels, and many more...


Selected splines now appeared wider, so you will see them better:


- We have new folder "Rocket 3F Update Info [BackUp]", it contains settings files, so if you want to restart Rocket just copy it than rename to "Rocket 3F Update Info" (just delete " [BackUp]" )



Fixed Bugs:

- Inset, Caps lock functionality

- Hotkey for Shell in Object Mode

- Undo selection hotkey

- Vertexes size



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