Terms and Conditions

Last updated: (09/15/2016)


Please read these Terms and Conditions (“terms”) carefully. Downloading, installing or using “Rocket 3F” explicitly states that you accept these terms as legally binding.

Subject of these terms is the 3D editing tool, software - “Rocket 3F”. "You" means the person or company who is being licensed to use the Software and Documentation. "We," "us" and "our" means Samardac & IStonia Partnership Limited.

You may not download, install, copy or otherwise deal with “Rocket 3F” if you disagree with these terms in whole or part.


1.)     Available versions of Rocket 3F

Rocket 3F is a software for loading, importing, saving, exporting and editing 3d data (“geometry”). A common term to describe Rocket 3F’s function is “3d modeler”. The software is made available “as is” without guarantee of promise of any specific functionality now or in the future.

We are striving to provide a performance-oriented, artist friendly modeler and are always interested in feedback and suggestions. However, we reserve the final decision about what feature/function we will implement and/or make available. Please try the free version of Rocket 3F to find out if the software meets your requirements before purchasing a rent/subscription based license or a one-time life-time license.

Rocket 3F is available in three versions: Free, Individual and Corporate. The free version may be used in the same manner as the full versions but is subject to some limitations as described below. These limitations may be changed without notification to the user.

The paid versions are one-time payment "Life Time" subscriptions which will render the release version available at the time of purchase subject of the contract. The “Life time” licensed versions may be excluded from later (major) updates.


2) Versions.


2.1)     Free version

Subscription length - 1 Month with ability to renew. You can not use this version for commercial use, it means you can not use this version to earn money in any way, for example by doing freelance, by selling models, by selling tutorials etc... The free version will display a (time-delayed) splash screen (10 sec) upon every program boot as well as a button saying “free version” in the user interface. You are not allowed to edit / cut out either of these markings when recording/publishing videos.


2.2)     Individual version

Subscription length - “Life time”, it means no need to renew it. This version is available for for commercial use for example with this version you can do freelance, you can sell your models, you can sell your tutorials, etc... This version is free of time-delayed splash screen and “free version” button.


2.3)     Corporate version

This version is absolutely the same as Individual Version but for Companies that want to use Rocket 3F in their workflow. For example if you are design studio or game development company you must to buy this Corporate license.



3.)     One-Time License

Payment for one time licenses will be handled through (services). You will receive an invoice displaying / omitting taxes (the later due to our company not identifying taxes).


4.)     License, not ownership

You do not own the software licensed to you. Your usage of the software is limited to working with it on any computer you own and/or on company computers that you personally work on, but only one instance of the program may run at the same time.

You are not allowed to disassemble, reverse engineer or otherwise tinker with the software in any way except for loading, saving, importing, exporting and editing files that the software is able to deal with.

You are allowed to create tutorials or show-reels using and displaying the software in public, as long as (if you are using the free version) markings placed by the vendor remain visible.


5.)     Re-Distribution, Copying

You are not allowed to distribute the software, make it downloadable or otherwise copy it except for your personal backup purposes.

This term does not affect your legal rights to sell your (one-time, life-time) license, if applicable in the country you licensed the software for (as stated in the invoice you received when purchasing your license).

You may not sell a subscription/rent based license.


6.)     Third party IP

The software makes use of third party intellectual property as listed below:


The rights of the respective vendors, publishers and owners of these libraries and/or software packages remain unaffected by any part of these terms.


7.)     Data protection

In order to use the software you need to register with our website at (https://rocket3f.com). Your username and password are stored in a database that is reasonably protected against theft or abuse, however we cannot guarantee 100% safety, therefor you should use an individual username and password that you do not use on other sites or for other services.

You can at any time request for your user data to be removed from the database.

Data collected in connection with a license sale is stored in a separate database and further protected from illegal access.


8.)     Changes

We reserve the right to change/update these terms at any time without further notice.


9.)    Website terms

When using our website and user forums, you will only post images/videos of your own creation. By participating in our forums you declare all your postings to only show / present work for which you hold the respective rights (e.g. for publication).

You will make certain that we will not be held responsible for any copyright infringement caused by a posting created by you.

If you notice a copyright infringement or any other type of illegal use of our forums, you will immediately inform us about the problem and give us reasonable time to react and, if necessary, take appropriate actions.


9.)     Contact

If you have any concerns, questions or feedback, please do not hesitate to contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..