Bridge, MoI to Rocket 3F


- Download Bridge
- Close MoI 
- Copy files from this archive to Commands folder that is inside MoI folder.

- Set MoI Shortcuts like this:
    Ctrl+Shift+Alt+D - Send_to_Rocket_3F hard
    Ctrl+Shift+Alt+S - Send_to_Rocket_3F Sub
    Ctrl+Alt+A - Send_to_Rocket_3F  
    (You can change this shortcut to what ether you need , this shortcut will be used to send objects from MoI to Rcocket 3F)


- Set MoI orientation to Y-Up:


- Now you can start to send objects from MoI to Rocket 3F and vice versa!

Some trick!!!

You can enable Export Dialog inside MoI everytime you want to send your model to Rocket 3F!
To do it, you have to find this string(it is at the very bottom) and change "True" to "False"!

So if it set to "False" you will see this Export Dialog everytime you send object to Rocket 3F!